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Kündig Gruppe: Hülsenfrüchte


Kündig Group products: Product description

Product description

Archaeological discoveries prove that peas have been cultivated for thousands of years. Dried peas are peas that have matured on the plant. They are shelled and are available either whole or split. Dried peas, both yellow and green, have a higher nutritional content than fresh peas and are less sweet. Chickpeas are particularly rich in valuable proteins, vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber. They have a nutty taste and are traditionally at home in Mediterranean cuisines as well as those of the Arabic countries and Central and South America.

Kündig Group products: Product information

Product information


Dried / Precooked


Bag / Big Bag


Packaging / Private Label

Product list:

  • Yellow Whole
  • Yellow Split
  • Green Whole
  • Green Split
  • Chick Pea
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Contact person - Marcel Berchtold


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