• Kündig Food Ingredients Supplier

    We nurture the

    Our mission: We want to redefine what quality and safety mean in terms of food- and feedstuffs – and set new standards by doing so. As a pioneer in Bio and superior quality products, our eye is constantly on the future.

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  • Kündig Food Ingredients Supplier

    We think

    Our approach: In our effort to offer you ecologically exemplary products, we work closely with growers already at the planting stage. As a globally oriented, internationally active family enterprise, we key on the flawless interplay between trading, processing and service.

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  • Kündig Food Ingredients Supplier

    We build on

    Our products: As raw produce specialists with our own processing plants, we guarantee consistently high quality. Ever since 1920 we have been trading, refining and selling ecologically impeccable raw goods for use in the food and pharmaceutical industries – mainly grains and feedstuffs as well as deep-frozen and dried produce.

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