Natural germ reduction

BIOSTERIL® has been operating its germ-reduction facilities in Ritschenhausen, Germany, since 1994. By means of a vacuum-steam-vacuum process, germ counts in dried foodstuffs can be reduced by several factors of ten in a natural, gentle way. This enables also the processing of certified organically grown produce. BIOSTERIL® is the market leader in this field and has accumulated extensive experience that enables it to achieve optimal results while preserving the sensory properties of the produce. Each year, the company degerms several thousand tonnes of tea, seeds, herbs, spices, dried mushrooms and dried vegetables, as well as raw ingredients for the pharmaceutical industry. Thanks to pinpoint temperature and pressure parameters, we can degerm your goods in a tailor-made fashion that meets your every need.

Pilot unit for pre-trial measurements and development

Our pilot unit is built around a small-scale autoclave which enables us to conduct degerming tests and always determine the ideal set of parameters for treating highly delicate, price-sensitive produce. As a result, we can offer our customers the highest degree of certainty and safety. We would be pleased to conduct a trial degerming run on your behalf and draw up the optimal treatment programme for your produce.

CO2 pressure disinfestation

CO2 pressure disinfestation is a rapid, natural and contaminant-free treatment method that is also approved for use on organically cultivated produce. The storage protection process can be conducted shortly before shipment of the goods.

PH3 storage treatment

PH3 treatment for the storage of dried foodstuffs is an approved process under emission protection laws. It affords a cost-effective means of protecting conventional foodstuffs from further infestation.

You can trust BIOSTERIL® for producing the following results:

  • Reduction of total germ count to completely safe levels
  • Eradication of pathogenic germs
  • Elimination of mould and yeast
  • Eradication of insects, larvae and eggs
  • Elimination of trace aggravators